Who we are

Many businesses focus on what they do rather than why they do it!  Element6 was founded to enrich the lives of others!

Our mission is to help make your people & business better- which starts with the bonds we create.  The 6th element in the periodic table is carbon- which is the foundation for human life.  

In partnering with us you will get longer lasting and stronger bonds with your people & teams!

Why choose us

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company- our focus is to  provide your business the talent it needs to forge a strong company.

  • Resources to help your business grow
  • Recruit the best to build a culture
  • Develop a company mission
  • Plan a vision—Reach your goals

Our Story Through Metrics

Candidates converted to onsite interviews - 76%
Position scope to two or three qualified candidates: - 17 Days
Average Kickoff time: - 14 Days
Average cost per hire: - 16-18%

Benefits Of Working With Us

People are our business

Understanding every person & every business is different, our experiences and capabilities have helped businesses big and small- all focused on helping everyone get better.

Facing challenges head on

Our focus to help your business understand and anticipate what challenges should arise and helping execute the strategy to overcome.  We will set the path to overcome any obstacle.

Our capabilities run deep

We are industry agnostic and have rounded out our team with subject matter experts applicable in various industries.

Talent scouting for the future

From part time employees to executives—We find the talent that has specific skill sets that will to make your organization flourish.

Among our clients